There will be no more additions to this blog.......
there are no more sunsets to share.....................


lavinka said...

06. IV ? It's my Birthday :)))

T.Mack said...

Well isn't this just my lucky day.. Just landed on Woodland's blog and made an invite.. so excuse the cut and paste of the same text. . Not that I lack originality or am lazy but since the following sums it up, well.. waste not want not.. here's the invite to woodlands hereby extended to you..

I would very much like to invite you to be an Author on www.worldskypics.com to freely come and go as you will to post your sky pics for all to view.

My name is Todd Mackintosh. Living in Japan with the family. Formally from Cambridge (city not uni I may just add).

Wonderful to visit your site. Do hope you have the time to stop by, register on the blog and post your sky pics on our shared site.

All for the love of the sky!

Stay blessed and enjoy what spring brings. We had our first nice warmish day today. The Ume-Blossoms are already out and in the next 2 weeks we expect to see the cherry blossoms kick into full effect.

This is a pic of the cherry Blossoms in our home town of Ogaki in Gifu prefecture in Japan.


You can mail us too: sky ]at[ worldskypics . com


Todd Mackintosh

Jena L. said...

I am a photographer and my favorite thing to shoot is the sky so I can very much appreciate your work but I must say, it saddens me that you have given up on this passion. While your husband may no longer be here to share sunsets and sunrises and cloud shapes with, I imagine he would want you to continue what you love and to be happy, and I know that doing what I love always makes me happy. Good luck in the future and keep shootin those skies :)

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